Working at the Amazon Hub in Delray Beach, Florida

What unites Amazon employees across teams and geographies is that we are all striving to delight our customers and make their lives easier. The Amazon Hub in Delray Beach, Florida is independently owned and operated. 


Our Amazon Hub location is the first of its kind offering business and shipping services for its clients. Shipping solutions include FedEx, UPS, USPS, pick up and return options for customers. Our business solutions include virtual mailboxes, virtual receptionist services and access to our Amazon Studio for podcasting and recording live. Inventing and delivering things that were never thought possible isn't easy, but we embrace this challenge every day.

The scope and scale of our mission drives us to seek diverse perspectives, be resourceful, and navigate through ambiguity. 


By working together on behalf of our customers, we are building the future one innovative product, service, and idea at a time. Are you ready to embrace the challenge?


Come build the future with us.

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Amazon Hub Delray Interview Process

The first step in getting your dream job is knowing our hiring process. The Amazon Hub in Delray Beach, Florida is independently owned and operated. You can explore our local job opportunities

on the Zip Recruiter portalWe require an initial basic computer skills test, an interview and background and drug screening test.

Step 1:  Applying for a Job

First you must apply for the position you desire.

You can submit your resume through Zip Recruiter.  






Step 2:  The Assessment Exam

Job seekers are given an assessment exam where customer service questions are asked. Questions range on topics such as how best to deal with dissatisfied customers, proper telephone skills as well as customer service techniques.


We also test for basic Microsoft skills. The Microsoft portion of the test asks questions on the most commonly used Microsoft 365 features such as file management, editing, formatting, analysis, and tools and automation in Microsoft Excel.






Step 3:  The Interview

After the assessment test, we will contact you and inform you of the test results along with the Microsoft 365 capabilities report.  Depending on the test result, we will either schedule an interview or conclude the job seeking process. During the interview we will asked a series of typical interview questions.



Step 4:  After the Interview

Depending on the outcome of the interview, we will then arrange the background check and schedule the drug screening test.



Step 5:  Getting Hired

Once the team and you are both comfortable and ready to begin, we will prepare and share an offer letter with you, and you will be hired!

Come build the future with us.